Self Storage Unit Sizes

We have self storage units in a variety of sizes, ranging from 25 square ft. to 200 square ft. Our smaller units are great for storing business records, clothing, boxes or a small dorm room. Our larger unit will handle belongings for a one to two bedroom apartment.

Affordable Rental Rates

We have some of the most competitive rates in Madison. We have long and short term rentals. Minimum time period is one month. Our smaller unit sizes start at approximately 25 square feet at $75 per month and our 150 square foot units at $150 per month. Sizes and prices vary.

Rental Terms

Park Street Storage meets your self storage needs for either short term or long term rentals. Payment can be made by cash or check. We also provide automatic invoicing and billing upon request.

Quality Storage

Many self storage structures are nothing more than metal sheds, and security is nothing more than a fence. Park Street Storage is a concrete and masonry building. The interior is dry and the floors are clean. The hallways are wide and the temperature and humidity are maintained. It is managed by the local owner, not a distant corporation.

Some Self Storage Packing Tips

Here are a few tips to help you pack your self storage space.

It's a great idea to seal boxes and cover items to protect them from dust. Storage blankets are ideal for protecting wood furniture against scratches. With changing temperatures, any concrete floor can become slightly moist. If extra protection is needed, consider placing cardboard boxes, wood furniture and upholstery on pallets or wooden boards.

If you need access to your items during storage, allow room for a walkway. Added shelving helps to protect and organize your property. The contents of your storage room are under your care. In addition to always locking your unit, double-check that your insurance covers your stored property. Place frequently used items near the door and more valuables items in the rear of the unit.

  • Appliances: Refrigerators and/or freezers should be dry and stored with doors slightly ajar. Make sure that stoves and cooking equipment are cleaned before they are stored.
  • Bicycles and metal tools: To prevent rust due to humidity, wipe metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil or WD-40. Rakes and shovels should be clean and lightly oiled.
  • Books and documents: Pack books flat to protect their spines. Do not place boxes directly on concrete floors, but use pallets to prevent moisture absorption.
  • Bedding, clothing, curtains, drapes and linens: Clothing, curtains and drapes should be stored on hangers. Food crumbs or stains should be removed before storing. Avoid storing anything that may attract pests. Place mattresses on their sides to prevent them from bending out of shape.
  • Dishes and glassware: Place a layer of newspaper at the bottom and top of boxes containing glassware. Wrap glass items individually. Avoid placing heavy items on boxes containing glassware.
  • Furniture: Place a pallet, or plastic sheet on the floor. Stand sofas and mattresses on end (except for sofa-sleepers). If you need to save space, disassemble beds and tables and wrap table legs in protective paper. Keep upholstery off the floor. Finally, place a light cotton dust cover or bed sheet on your furniture.
  • Lamps: Wrap large lamps and place them in boxes. Pack delicate lamp shades separately. Do not use newsprint to wrap items that may be damaged by ink stains.
  • Mirrors, windows and screens: Store these items on edge, not flat.